What is Taummhoms? (tomes) 

Taummhoms is a subscription based sleep sound streaming service that can be accessed from any internet connected device. It features unique, on- demand, HIGH DEFINITION sounds that can help you in promoting sleep and revitalization. The options, once in the FREE TRIAL section, allows you to customize the desired length of time you are wishing to sleep in 30 minute increments. The sounds compliment each other creating a sense of deepened enlightenment, kindness and gratitude.

Using Taummhoms may assist you in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Sleeping is an integral part of our life, and as research shows, it is incredibly complex. The brain generates two distinct types of sleep—slow-wave sleep (SWS), known as deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM), also called dreaming sleep. Most of the sleeping we do is of the SWS variety, characterized by large, slow brain waves, relaxed muscles and slow, deep breathing, which may help the brain and body to recuperate after a long day.

Our goal is to help you re-focus on what the most important parts of your life are. Several problems are manifested by lack of proper sleep.

  1. Memory & Learning – Proper sleep helps the brain process new information to memory through the process of memory consolidation. Studies show that people that had slept after learning a task scored higher in tests later.

  2. Weight & Metabolism – Weight gain can be caused by chronic sleep deprivation thus affecting how the human body stores and processes carbohydrates affecting hormone levels affecting your appetite.

  3. Mood – Loss of sleep may create impatience, irritability, lack of concentration and mood swings. Lack of sleep also leaves you too tired to do the things that you enjoy.

  4. Curb Inflammation – Premature aging, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis are linked to inflammation. Studies show that people that sleep 6 hours or less per night have higher blood levels and inflammatory proteins that those that sleep in excess of 6 hours.

  5. Stimulate Creativity – Your brain reorganizes and restructures the daily events making them stronger which may result in enhanced creativity. Harvard research shows that people seem to strengthen the emotional components of a memory during sleep, which may assist in the creative process.

  6. Athletes – The simplest way to improve performance is sleep. Stanford University studies show that college football players that tried to sleep at least 10 hours a night for seven to eight weeks improved their average sprint time and had less daytime fatigue along with more stamina. Results of the study also reflect findings seen in tennis players and swimmers.


Potential benefits of listening to Taummhoms include reduced stress, anxiety, deeper meditation along with increased focus, concentration, motivation and confidence. 

With the hustle and bustle of the world we live in, less time is being focused on mental well being. 

Work, and the demands of day to day living can take their tolls on us, especially when people have difficulty making their brains slow down when it is time to sleep.

Ideally to maximize your Taummhoms experience listen to your favorite tonality on your headphones for an enhanced sleep experience.

Why does the sound of rain calm you down?

The sound of rain, may somehow subconsciously, act as a soothing component. Another reason can be connected to sounds actually operating on waves frequencies. They also help us release stress this helps explain why our brains tend to become distracted and entertained by the sounds of raindrops falling.

Why does sound of rain make you sleepy?

Sunlight triggers our bodies to stop producing the hormone melatonin, which makes us sleepy at night. When it's raining and skies are overcast, we miss out on our body's internal alarm clock.  Rain sounds also bring the body comfort. 


Why do I sleep better during thunderstorms?

When the rain clouds are out during the daytime, usually they're blocking the sun, which causes melatonin to increase in the brain. Another reason why rain could make us sleepy is because of the rhythm of noise it produces. The constant sound of rain drops is like a lullaby that helps us sleep.


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